Blog Hiatus

I want to say thank you so much to all of my readers. I’m really grateful and happy knowing that my posts have affected you all in some way. Thank you for the time you’ve spent reading, liking, and commenting on my articles, and a big thank you to those of you who’ve reposted them, especially Jessie at CounterNation, who’s one of my favorite writers on WordPress.

I’ll be going on hiatus for a while due to how exhausting it has been running this blog, seeing about 40 clients a week, and starting a new business, which has been difficult to get off the ground. Plus, I’ve lately been neglecting the people that I love and reading books, both of which I deeply miss. So, I’ve decided to take some time off of blogging. However, I’ll have several new blog posts up soon, which were written by four writers whose work I really love, and who are close friends of mine. I’m excited to have you guys read their work, as I’m eagerly anticipating reading it myself.

Thank you again for your wonderful feedback, and I hope to reconnect with all of you soon. I’m really happy because you’ve allowed me to help you.


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