Photo Shoot and Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety struck again, yesterday! I did a photo and video shoot for Zencare, which is a directory for psychotherapists and psychiatrists. It was crazy how nervous I was in front of the camera, and how much I hated speaking into it. I think I tortured the poor camera-woman with my anxiety, but I sort of had fun doing it.

We went through shoot after shoot, ending with a ton of bloopers. But, I have to say, she was an excellent therapist and extremely motivational. Toward the end, I was so ready to stop letting her down that I planted my feet, looked into the lens, and spoke my truth, as Cagney used to say. But, I can’t even begin to describe how anxious I was throughout. For me, this process was huge step toward overcoming social anxiety, and I owe a great debt to my photographer who provided me with warmth, guidance, and wonderful support. All in all, it was a great experience and a memorable exposure exercise. I’ve struggled with finding the courage to build up my own private practice, but I feel stronger with each passing day. Below is a link to the video we shoot and several photos. The profile should be live sometime tomorrow. Thank you for reading!

Leon Garber, LMHC – Zencare Therapist Directory




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