Blogging for O4L, Home Base of Rap Legends, The Outlawz

I’m sure most of you know how much 2Pac’s music meant to me. When he was alive, Pac formed a legendary rap group composed of Napoleon, Big Syke, Young Noble, Kastro, Yaki Kadafi, Fatal Hussain, EDI, and he; they called themselves The Outlawz, and eventually became hip hop icons. Recently, I was contacted by the manager at an entertainment website of theirs, called O4L Online, and was asked to become a contributing blogger, which I obviously agreed to.

To any blogger, contributing work to one of his or her favorite writers is a dream come true, and for me, The Outlawz are, and always have been, one of my absolute favorite musical groups of all time. I’m excited for, and ecstatic about, the opportunity to help foster the O4L website. I ask all of you to, please, be on the lookout for my upcoming posts, which will be up there sometime in the near future.

I want to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading and for commenting on my blog posts, for making me feel that my writing has meant so much to you. Your feedback has meant the world to me, especially for some of my more emotionally daunting posts.



Leon’s Existential Cafe @ O4L Online

The Medicinal Words of Tupac Shakur – O4L Online

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