Open Forum – Ask Me Any Questions Related to Psychotherapy, Mental Health, and/or Relationship Difficulties Part 2

I wanted to create a follow-up forum to the prior open forum to continue to give you guys the opportunity to ask me any questions that they may have related to mental health and psychotherapy, which includes questions about love, relationships, assertiveness, boundary setting, death, goal setting, avoidance, anxiety, depression, procrastination, self-esteem, negative thinking, making friends, finding a good therapist, dealing with change, etc… I will try my hardest to answer them to the best of my ability, and want to take a second to thank those individuals who participated in the first open forum. Answering questions helps me connect to you guys, and it helps me to assess which topics are important to the blog community, so please, don’t hesitate to participate; I will definitely benefit, too.


  1. Hi, Leon. I found you through Trina’s blog. My question is, if a 2-yo child is switched from one set of parents and back until s/he’s 5, would that cause PTSD?

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    1. Hi Barb,

      It could be a difficult transition, but unless h/she experiences a sense of physical, life-threatening, danger, there’s no need to worry about PTSD. But, I would try to explain the transition to them, nonetheless. When children understand why certain things are happening, when told in a truthful, but not too-detailed way, they react much more pleasantly, especially if they know how they’ll benefit from such a change.

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      1. You’re welcome, so much. With PSTD, remember that someone has to either be in physical danger, or witness someone else in physical danger, with physical danger encompassing violence, as well as the imminent threat of it.

        Thank you for stopping by.

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      2. Hi Barb,

        I hope this is helpful: Trauma, in the case of PTSD, encompasses more than just being in, or witnessing someone in, physical danger. You can also be sexual abused, physically abused, witness either of the two, or hear a vivid account of someone being abused or almost dying. Regardless, your situation wouldn’t be relevant.

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  2. Hi Leon? I found your blog through the blog itsgoodtobecrazysometimes during the weekend share. My question is how do you know whether to visit a psychiatrist vs a counselor or psychologist? If one visits a psychiatrist can he/she refer the patient to a psychologist or would they be able to assist the person themselves? Particularly if it is discovered that the person doesn’t suffer from a mental disorder but is suffering from a mood disorder or something. Glad I found your blog

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    1. I’m glad you found it, too. A mood disorder would be classified under mental disorders. Seeing one or the other depends on the severity of your ailment. If you’re feeling your symptoms to a mild or moderate degree, I would recommend finding a therapist, preferably in the Psychology Today database. If they’re severe and make you incapacited to work or enjoy your life, I recommend seeing a psychiatrist, who will prescribe medication and likely refer you to a therapist, in conjunction with medication management. Medication, is usually meant to be a short-term solution, mostly prescribed to increase energy and motivation for therapy, or to increase anxiety precluding it. For chronically ill patients, medication is a long-term answer.


  3. Why isn’t psychosis more commonly treated with cbt in addition to meds in the US? I was lucky enough to receive it at a first episode program and it really helped me deal with what was an incredibly traumatic event.


    1. That’s a great question! I’ve often wondered the same thing. I assume it’s because the medication is often viewed as stabilizing, with the perception that therapy is just an adjunct, not a necessity.

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