Starting a Podcast – Seize the Moment!

This past weekend, my friend Alen and I created the first episode of our new podcast called Seize The Moment Podcast. We spent about a month brainstorming ideas for it and then spontaneously created its title by looking at a poster on Alen’s wall (sheer brilliance lol).

Alen and I thought that we could use our combined knowledge of psychology and self-help to help others lead better lives, to take the information which transformed our own lives and make it easily accessible to a wider-public. We already have guests and ideas lined up for future shows, including Jessie Mannisto, former employee of the CIA and current manager of Third Factor magainze, and topics ranging from the role of perception in mental health and illness to the significance of divergent, out-of-the-box thinking.

I chose Alen as my partner because of his charm (the guy literally gets hit on all the time) and breadth of insight. Together, we feed off of one another’s energy and hopefully make for an entertaining and educational duo.

Additionally, due to the graciousness of Vegas (IG: Vegas Media Designs), the founder of O4L Online, the home-base of hip-hop legends The Outlawz (2Pac), our podcast will be featured on the O4L Online Network, alongside The Dinner Club, a radio show hosted by the rap don, EDI Mean of The Outlawz.

I don’t know where this venture will take us, but I’m excited about what we’ve produced so far, and can’t wait to attempt to bring this show to a wide audience. Psychology and Self-Help offer so many tools for helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives, and we want to utilize them to those same ends. Thank you to each of you who’ve supported us in the initial stages of the show’s production, and especially to those of you who’ve been loyal readers of Leon’s Existential Café.

You can find us on the O4L Online Network: Seize the Moment @ O4L – Home of The Outlawz

Here’s a link to the first episode of Seize The Moment Podcast, on accessing flow state and how it can be utilized to reduce symptoms of mental illness and live more joyfully:

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