Media Appearances

Alen and I were guests on Good Is in the Details, hosted by Gwen Dolske and Rudy Salo!

I was interviewed by Mark Hess for the Colorado Association of Gifted and Talented on existential psychotherapy and the link between giftedness and existential thinking.

From YouTube: Have you ever noticed that gifted teenagers tend to be drawn to dystopian fiction? Perhaps this is due to gifted adults and children alike being more apt to engage in existential thinking. Join us in a conversation with Leon Garber exploring existential thinking as it relates to giftedness, perfectionism, feelings of isolation, resilience, and hope. Bring your questions, and bring your own gifted self to this lively exchange!

I was interviewed by Licensed Professional Counselor Emily Kircher-Morris for her Neurodiversity Podcast on the association between existential philosophy and neurodiversity.

From the website: “With the death toll still rising from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s especially easy for neurodivergent people to wax existential. They question life, worry about death, and generally ask, “what’s it all about?” Our guest is Leon Garber, author of a blog called Leon’s Existential Café, and we’re diving deep on episode 68.”

I was interviewed by Andy Moffatt for his show, Heart of an Outlaw!

From YouTube: Heart of an Outlaw show welcomes Leon Garber a Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist, philosophical writer, co-host of Seize The Moment Podcast, and blogger for the O4L Online Network.