The Elephant Man – A Poem about an Outcast

Deep into the shadows, his deformities out of sight

The man whom they call Elephant hides away from the brilliant glow of the sunlight

The people of the town sneer and jeer

Every time the man whom they call Elephant decides to appear

But deep within himself lies a heart of immense beauty

Beneath each scar and all of the imperfections that we see

Once upon a time

The man whom they call Elephant stepped outside

Realizing soon all from which he could not hide

A life of isolation, lived apart from those he would have loved

From the ones who shunned the man with the remarkable soul, of which the rest were devoid of

But animals and children loved the man we refused to see

For they fell in love with his essence, the soul of the Elephant’s authenticity

And now his life is coming to end

And with it our final chance to have made a life-altering friend

So he dies alone, without a friend anywhere in sight

For the world refused to know the man, whose face gave them such a fright


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