Touched by an Angel – A Poem about Grief

The lives that come are the ones that go

And some belong to the kindest people we know

Among us are those who rise above the rest

Who shine as brightly as the Sun

And through whom we are blessed

We hope that their love and their warmth will rub off

Turning our ice cold hearts into ones that are soft

Though they don’t know and refuse to believe

They are our models, for all that we hope to achieve

It was said of King Midas, that his touch was golden

It might as well have been you, the one who was stolen

Through their words, their love, their compassion and deeds

Implanted within, we carry their seeds

In the sorrow and heartache of all that came to pass

It is you on my mind, in my soul, staring back through the hourglass

The most important life-lessons are the ones I’ve learned from you

From the one whose touch was golden, and whose heart was pure

For whom our love will forever remain true

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