The Man Who Has It All – A Poem about the Consequences of Rejecting Love

Expensive cars, mansions, and boats he’s had

To his children a stranger, even though they call him dad

Influence and power follow him wherever he goes

The influence and power which strike fear in his foes

If you seen him, you’d say, I want to be like him someday

The man who appears to have it all, who appears to have found the way

With each day that passes, as his demise draws near

The man who has it all collects a terrifying fear

A possession of which he desperately tries to rid himself of

Never knowing himself or another, never truly knowing love

To remedy his terror, more power he collects

In a never-ending search, he seeks solace in objects

A broken man who’s a child deep down inside

Once possessing a beautiful heart, which in childhood died

Bereft of a love that could have saved his soul

Inside of the man who has it all instead lies a big black hole

Power, and money, and influence he’s amassed

While the life that should have been now abides in potential’s past

As his ending in the world draws nearer to a close

The man who has it all now regrets the life he chose

Grieving a life full of love he could have had

Left with nothing but his wealth and children who no longer call him dad





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