I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Love You More – A Poem about Regret

I’m sorry I couldn’t love you more

For every time you cried, for each tear that I ignored

I’m sorry for the times you had to push, prod, and implore

I’m truly sorry for those moments, that I couldn’t give you more

Each time that you smiled and even when you cried

Those moments were so special, despite the love gone missing, which I chose to hide

I spend countless nights recounting each mistake

Deploring my black heart, the part of me I hate

I’m sorry for each time, that I made you cry

I’m sorry for all the times I didn’t want to try

I wasted so many days becoming successful and strong

Unable to accept the truth, that you loved me all along

I thought I needed to become what I could never be

Unable to accept that you loved me for me

I’m sorry for all I put you through, because I couldn’t love myself

I’m sorry for giving all my love to the books sitting on my shelf

If I could change, all that I’ve done and said

If I could change the beliefs about myself, that were swimming in my head

I’d turn back the clock, and tell you you were worth fighting for

I’d tell you that I am deeply sorry for not loving you much more

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