The Girl in the Red Dress – A Poem about Beauty and Loss

In a room, she walked in with an assertive gait

The woman in a red dress, whose eyes radiate

Who is this girl, this woman I see?

This vision of beauty God placed before me

My body, my bones, they would not cease to quake

As I approached the girl in red, whose eyes radiate

She told me her name, as we began to speak

And my knees, just as quickly, began to feel weak

We talked and talked for what seemed as years on end

In rapture to heaven, my mortal soul did ascend

Warnings I’d heard, which they had told me to heed

But as the girl in red sobbed, I felt an aching heart that cried out in need

Where was she from and what was she like?

The girl in the red dress, who gave me a terrifying fright

She struggled and clawed, as she fought her way inside

To know my true self, as I attempted to hide

At last the guard fell; the inner light was set free

The girl in red entered in, to the place that was me

In it she dwelled, a victor she seemed

The girl whom I loved, the one whose eyes gleamed

Warnings I’d heard, ones I didn’t heed

As I cared for the girl whose heart cried out in need

She came and she went, as though she were never there

The girl in the red dress, for whom I did care

In my memory she remains, still a beautiful sight

The one whom I allowed into my heart, despite my terrible fright

Where did she come from and what was she like?

I never really learned, try as hard as I might

The day when I met her, I will never forget

When I first witnessed the smile and the gleaming eyes of the woman in red


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