Flying on the Wings of a Seagull – A Poem about Perfectionism

When I was a boy, I dreamt of becoming an eagle

I wanted so desperately to soar into the sky

Try as I might, I fell with each attempt at flight

An eagle I dreamt I would become and be

An eagle I told myself I would someday see

When I was a boy, we were told that all of us were special

And thus all of us dreamt of superhuman feats

Presidents and athletes and world leaders we became

In our dreams of our future, dreams which only remain

An eagle I dreamt of, it was the eagle I saw

In my mind’s eye, I couldn’t accept one single flaw

Perfection I strove for, perfection appearing in sight

In perfection I fell, to rise to become a seagull in flight

The eagle, while beautiful, the eagle isn’t me

For the seagull I am, for the seagull is free


This poem is based on one of my favorite songs in the entire world, one which absolutely moved me to my core:

Bad Company – Seagull



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