Cinderella Man – A Poem about Love’s Substitution with Glory

Cinderella Man

Striding down the hallway, with a championship in sight

The boy enters the ring, to begin an arduous fight

The man standing before him, the man whom he sees

Is not the man whom he’ll battle, because that man is he

An inner turmoil brought him here

The rage inside, the puppeteer

His fear and the sadness are all he’s ever known

But fury and rage are all he’s ever shown

And now the moment has come at last

For the boy’s status and worth to be broadcast

Honor and glory, he assumes, will bring him peace

An end to the turmoil, to the pain and sorrow which will finally cease

The child within gone, or so he believes

A lost, angry boy who will never truly leave

And so he fights his demons outside

As the forsaken child abides in a cell deep down inside

Thus, the final bell is rung, and the victor is he

Euphoria rushes, as the boy believes that he is finally free

No longer a slave to the parents who left

A champion of the world, no longer bereft

The rage transforms into a joy hitherto unfelt

As the boy begins to cry in the arms of his gold-plated belt

Seconds, and minutes, and hours pass by

The joy the boy had once felt begins to subside

Left in a room, empty and alone

Disconnected from all, apart from any real home

Worthless again, the boy begins to feel

For the belt is just a belt, possessing no power to heal

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